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This site is dedicated to Juliet Parrish & Mike Donovan (played by Faye Grant and Marc Singer) and the original V saga (V, V: the Final Battle, and V: the Series).

Julie & Mike:

Julie and Mike looking determined
Why they are the best: Great characterizations and chemistry – “Doc” the reluctant, but obvious leader and “Mr. Donovan” the loner who came to understand the importance of unity. They argued, they bantered, and they fell in love while fighting to save humanity.

Favorite Moment: in “V: The Final Battle” when Julie is anxiously awaiting Mike’s return after having left him behind to ensure the success of a mission. When he finally gets back, she throws herself into his arms and says how worried she was. He’s surprised, but pleased.

And they lived happily ever after… with their children in Los Angeles.

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