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V (the original mini-series) [4 hours] - originally aired in US May 1983
V: the Final Battle [6 hours] - originally aired in US May 1983
V: the Series - (1984-1985) 
  1. Liberation Day
  2. Dreadnought
  3. Breakout
  4. The Deception
  5. The Sanction
  6. Visitor's Choice
  7. The Overlord
  8. The Dissident
  9. Reflections In Terror
  10. The Conversion
  11. The Hero
  12. The Betrayal
  13. The Rescue
  14. The Champion
  15. The Wildcats
  16. The Littlest Dragon
  17. War of Illusions
  18. The Secret Underground
  19. The Return
  20. The Attack
My 2 - I loved the first mini-series.  I liked most of the Final Battle, however, many of the storylines were too neatly wrapped up and the end (with glowing Elizabeth saving the day) was just cheesy.  I was living in England when the show aired.  We saw the two mini-series back-to-back.  I had to wait years to see the series.  The series had a workable premise.  If only they'd tried to make it more of a political intrigue drama rather than a run-of-the-mill action, shoot-'em-up.  I had hoped if Ken Johnson's V: the Second Generation had gone into production that he would have still had Mike & Julie together.  I think they made a really great couple. Probably the reason I disliked the series so much - other than what they did to the character of Robin - is that Mike & Julie start out in very strong, committed relationship, but by the end each have boyfriend/girlfriend-of-the-week syndrome. Sadly, given that TPTB went with the remake of V there's no chance the original characters will be making a comeback.
Mike and Julie

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